Supercharge your recruiting operations team

Scale with your company’s hiring needs by using ModernLoop to increase efficiency in interview scheduling, communication, and coordination.

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ModernLoop delivers the most compelling platform I’ve seen for building a recruiting function that scales without sacrificing quality of talent and the experience for candidates and hiring teams.

Adam Ward

Founding Partner at Growth by Design Talent, former Global Head of Recruiting at Pinterest & Director of Recruiting at Facebook

Your perfect interview schedule, delivered instantly.

ModernLoop builds the best schedule for your next candidate interview by syncing your team’s calendars, comparing interviewers based on availability, timezone, work hours, interview load and more, and narrowing thousands of options into your best fit in just seconds.

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Deliver a great candidate experience

Craft diverse interview panels that conform to everyone’s schedule and fit your candidate’s unique persona. Then customize an invite email to your candidate with automatically generated LinkedIn profiles of interviewers, calendar events, meeting links, and all the details they need to put their best foot forward.

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Keep your interview team happy

ModernLoop tracks your team's interview load and helps you find schedules while balancing your interviewers' daily and weekly load. Recruiting is a team sport – Let's make it so!

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And keeping everyone in-the-know

Stop chasing down interviewers to accept calendar invitations and creating interviewing Slack channels manually. ModernLoop’s Slack integration will help you do all of this automatically!

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Features to power every talent acquisition team

Syncs with Google Calendar to find the best schedules
Automatically handles timezone conversions
Supports dynamic breaks and multi-day interview scheduling
Automatically crafts rich candidate confirmation emails and calendar invitations
Automates interviewer training
Tracks interview calendar event acceptance across candidates and interviewers
Integrates with Zoom and Google Meets to generate interview video links
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