ModernLoop: The Recruiting Operations Platform

Lydia Han
Aug 19, 2022
ModernLoop raises 3.3M to scale recruiting operations and create a great candidate experience.

Hiring is a top strategic priority at virtually every fast-growing company. Thanks to technologies that help recruiting teams find, track, and convince candidates, for the first time we’re seeing companies double or even triple headcount in months, not years. 

While progress has been made across the recruiting stack, the backbone of the function has been forgotten along the way. Recruiting teams face an incredibly large administrative burden, which is why they employ entire teams of recruiting coordinators to handle the operational complexity and repetitive tasks required to make a hire. Their work is still incredibly manual, error-prone and time-consuming which can lead to a poor candidate and interviewer experience. 

Over half (though often more) of their time goes to coordinating and scheduling interview panels, which is akin to solving a very complex Rubik’s cube. You’re often dealing with a handful of busy people that each have packed schedules sitting in different timezones, and in order to maintain a great candidate experience, you need to schedule meetings with each of them back-to-back and in a certain order. After that comes the ad-hoc tasks like sending reminders, resolving timing conflicts, making last-minute changes to the schedule, or ensuring that everyone arrives on time. 

ModernLoop is the first platform that does all of this, so that recruiting coordinators can focus on strategic work and making candidates happy, rather than repetitive, manual tasks. With ModernLoop, teams can make recruiting more effective and efficient by handling every aspect of: 

  • Scheduling interviews: with Google Calendar and Zoom integrations, teams can automate interview scheduling and load balancing, so that interviews and timing make sense for every party involved, including the interviewing employee. 
  • Training: train interviewers to make sure they provide the best candidate experience by automatically scheduling shadow interviews, so trainees are well calibrated and able to conduct more structured interviews successfully on their own. 
  • Coordination & communication: thanks to a deep Slack integration, interviewers receive reminders and everything needed to conduct a successful interview, while candidate communication is managed through our connection to Gmail. 

ModernLoop raises $3.3M, after powering exponential team growth for top startups 

To help us further expand our reach and progress on our mission, we’re excited to share that we’ve raised $3.3M in funding led by Accel, following our participation in Y Combinator as a part of their Winter 2021 cohort. Other investors include Webb Investment Network, my former leaders at Brex, including the co-CEOs and CTO, and a product lead at Zoom that I partnered with to build their Slack integration. 

As our investor Amit Kumar, Partner at Accel explains, “the talent market is as competitive as it has ever been and recruiting operations teams are struggling to keep up, as they are constantly having to solve calendar availability puzzles and coordinate with dozens of candidates simultaneously, among other repetitive busywork. ModernLoop’s platform automates interview scheduling and streamlines recruiting operations allowing talent professionals to focus on higher impact, more strategic initiatives”

Today some of the fastest-growing startups including Brex, Benchling, Chainalysis, Ramp,, and VSCO, rely on us to help them meet their ambitious hiring goals. Since Chainalysis started working with ModernLoop in March, they’ve grown from 200 to over 300 employees. They accomplished much of this with only one recruiting coordinator on hand, which makes it especially remarkable.

According to Amanda Segner, Recruiting Operations Team Lead at Chainalysis, "ModernLoop has transformed the speed and efficiency of our interview scheduling at Chainalysis. As our company rapidly scales, it has enabled us to consistently schedule 200+ interviews per week across all departments globally. We have also leveraged ModernLoop to manage the training of new interviewers and ensure they are properly calibrated to conduct interviews."

How we got here 

While a product manager at Slack, I built their integrations with both Zoom and with Google Calendar, two offerings that hundreds of thousands of people now rely on every day. It’s abundantly clear to me that when products work together seamlessly and when technology can reduce the steps to get something done, people can achieve so much more in their jobs. 

Meanwhile, my sister was the first technical recruiter at Brex. As her roommate for the last six years, I saw that while she’s an incredibly strategic and thoughtful recruiter, she spent so much of her day doing manual, repetitive tasks. I wanted to take my prior experience of building seamless productivity hacks into the tools we rely on every day, and bring it to one of the most process-driven parts of a business: recruiting. From this idea came ModernLoop. 

My co-founder Christopher Triolo, also has a knack for building elegant user experiences with a big impact. Following an idea he had while at Facebook during a hackathon, he is responsible for “Charitable Donations” on Facebook, which allows people and charities to raise funds, with the click of a button. Thanks to his innovation, over $5B (yes, billion) has been donated to charities by Facebook users. 

Christopher and I couldn’t be more excited for our journey ahead to help the next generation of companies hire so they can build and achieve their missions faster than ever. If you’re interested in seeing how ModernLoop can transform your recruiting operations, reach out! We’re also hiring, so if our mission inspires you, too, check out our open roles.