Automate the repetitive work of sending confirmation emails and calendar invites to interviewers

Send custom email and calendar invites direct to your candidate

Customizable templates for emails and calendars automatically fill in details, including schedules customized to a candidates timezone and links to video meetings. For multi-day interviews, ModernLoop even automically creates separate calendar events for each day.

Use LinkedIn profiles to share who your candidate’s going to meet

Candidates receive customized emails with interview schedules that include LinkedIn profiles for every interviewer. This way your candidate knows exactly who they’ll meet that day.

Create Zoom or Google Meets links automatically

Keep candidates in the same video meeting link for the duration of their interview. ModernLoop let’s you create and automatically attach the same link to individual interviewer events so your candidate can simply use one link for all their interviews.

Dedicate a Slack channel to each candidate

Keep your interviews coordinated and in-the-know with a dedicated space for each candidate’s loop. ModernLoop let’s you one-click create a private channel and effortlessly connects all your interviewers, shares a schedule, and includes candidate details.

Add code collaboration links to your schedule

Modernloop integrates with top coding tools like CoderPad, HackerRank, CodeSignal, and Codility to generate and attach unique code collaboration links to your chosen interviews automatically. Links are sent and shared direct to your candidate in their confirmation email and attached to interviews on both a candidate’s calendar and your interviewer’s calendar.

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