Reduce bias and ensure all interviewers are properly trained for their interview focus areas

Automated interviewer training during scheduling

ModernLoop automatically schedules trainees on shadow or reverse shadows during interview scheduling. Never forget to add a trainee again!

Customizable training programs

Customize the number of shadow and reverse shadows needed for a trainee to graduate and start flying solo on conducting an interview. ModernLoop will help you schedule, track progress, and graduate trainees to fully trained interviewers automatically.

Collect feedback from trainers and trainees

Hear direct from your interviewers about how training is progressing. ModernLoop’s Slack integration let’s trainees and trainers assess their performance upon completing their shadows or reverse shadows. They can add comments for the recruiting team and elect to progress to the next role, or opt to try again.

Track interviewer training progress

See training progress instantly to always be in-the-know on how your interviewers are doing with ramping up on interviewing.

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