Modernize recruiting operations

ModernLoop gives you recruiting operations best practices instantly and integrates with email, calendar, Slack, Zoom/Google Meets, and your applicant tracking system to help you deliver the best candidate experience and internal recruiting experience for your team.

Your perfect interview schedule, delivered instantly

ModernLoop builds the best schedule for your next candidate interview by syncing your team’s calendars, comparing interviewers based on availability, timezone, work hours, interview load and more, and narrowing thousands of options into your best fit in just seconds.

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Deliver a great candidate experience

Craft diverse interview panels that conform to everyone’s schedule and fit your candidate’s unique persona. Then customize an invite email to your candidate with automatically generated LinkedIn profiles of interviewers, calendar events, meeting links, and all the details they need to put their best foot forward.

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Train interviewers faster

Properly training interviewers reduces bias and helps maintain a high quality bar. Automated interview training lets you customize shadow and reverse shadow training programs for any focus area, so you can be sure interviewers are ready before they fly solo.

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Customized to your interviewer needs

Robust interviewer profiles make matching the perfect interviewer with a candidate easy. Assign custom attributes, train new interview focus areas, set interview limits and more. A better exprience for your interviewers prevents burnout and builds a healthy and lasting recruiting culture.