Our mission is to help companies deliver the best candidate experience by automating and streamlining recruiting operations

We're committed to helping our customers remove friction so that they can focus on delivering the best candidate experience.

Our story

While a product manager at Slack, Lydia built their integrations with both Zoom and with Google Calendar, two offerings that thousands of people now rely on every day. It’s abundantly clear to her that when products work together seamlessly and when technology can reduce the steps to get something done, people can achieve so much more in their jobs.

Meanwhile, her sister was the first technical recruiter at Brex. As her roommate for the last six years, Lydia saw that while she’s an incredibly strategic and thoughtful recruiter, she spent so much of her day doing manual, repetitive tasks. She wanted to take her prior experience of building seamless productivity hacks into the tools we rely on every day, and bring it to one of the most process-driven parts of a business: recruiting. From this idea came ModernLoop.

Christopher Triolo also has a knack for building elegant user experiences with a big impact. Following an idea he had while at Facebook during a hackathon, he is responsible for “Charitable Donations” on Facebook, which allows people and charities to raise funds, with the click of a button. Thanks to his innovation, over $5B (yes, billion) has been donated to charities by Facebook users.

Christopher and Lydia couldn’t be more excited for their journey ahead to help the next generation of companies hire so they can build and achieve their missions faster than ever.


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