What our customers are saying about us

ModernLoop has been a key partner to our Coordination team in helping us automate the interviewing process. Allowing us to scale with the increased volume of interviews as well as provide more time to focus on other Recruiting project initiatives. Their load balancing feature has been exceptionally effective at mitigating interviewer fatigue, which is crucial to our hiring success during our time of rapid growth. Their deep integration with systems in our toolkit have allowed the interviewing team to have accurate information at their finger tips leading to them be prepared and ready for the interview.

Deborah Riedesel

Recruiting Operations Manager, Benchling

ModernLoop has made Ramp’s coordination process smoother and more scalable. Most tools only focus on how interviews can be scheduled faster, but the ModernLoop team listens, alleviates the pain points, and optimizes all coordination aspects not just scheduling. ModernLoop has saved so much time with candidate and interviewer communication by preventing reschedules and leaving both ends more prepared. Plus, ModernLoop has created process around interview training. I couldn’t stress it enough - every recruiting team needs ModernLoop!

Madison Eastman

Recruiting Coordinator, Ramp

As the first recruiter at a Series B startup, my days are packed! ModernLoop has been an absolute lifesaver for me to move quickly with scheduling, without sacrificing candidate experience. It's such a relief knowing ModernLoop is thoughtful by design, and gives me significant time back in my day to help our company grow.

Shannon Toomey

Lead Technical Recruiter, Descript

ModernLoop has transformed the speed and efficiency of our interview scheduling at Chainalysis. As our company rapidly scales, it has enabled us to consistently schedule 200+ interviews per week across all departments globally. We have also leveraged ModernLoop to manage the training of new interviewers and ensure they are properly calibrated to conduct interviews.

Amanda Segner

Recruiting Operations Team Lead, Chainalysis

ModernLoop has made our teams workflow run so smoothly - specifically with our on-site loops. Lydia and her ML team are always readily available and always giving us the newest and hottest updates. I don’t know how we would schedule our company of 200+ without them. ModernLoop isn’t just an app we use, it’s embedded in the hiring process and the way we run recruiting here at Primer. So grateful to have been introduced to the ML team!

Lisa Dethmers-Pope

Recruiting Operations Manager, Primer.ai

Going back and forth from one platform to another was one of the biggest problem I encountered when scheduling, until ModernLoop seamlessly solve it all. Integration with Slack & Google Meet, precise system to generate available time slots, and ability to create multiple invitations in one go, are some of its breakthrough features. For a Recruiting Coordinator, Modernloop surely needs to be on the top list!

Tirshavira Andaristi

Recruiting Coordinator, Xendit

ModernLoop takes care of so many of the smaller details that require a lot of extra attention when scheduling. The integrations with Slack, CoderPad, and Zoom automate the process and save me so much time going back-and-forth making manual updates and changes.

Patty Koenigs

Recruiting & People Programs, VSCO