How Ramp scheduled 450% more interviews and grew headcount by 700%

Ramp’s intuitive products and services offer granular control of employee spending and department budgets while streamlining vital processes accurately and reliably.‍

As they plan rapidly for expansion, Ramp is in need of exceptional talent to help catapult their success.

“It’s hard to imagine being where we are today without ModernLoop.
Their passion for recruiting operations is unlike any existing tool; if you are in high-growth like us, I couldn’t recommend ModernLoop more.”

– Madison Eastman, Recruiting Operations Associate

What it was like…

Ramp was growing quickly, but had a small recruiting team and no streamlined process for scaling recruiting operations.


Too busy every day just getting new interviews in or coordinating existing ones, candidates would sometimes wait up to 3 days to get scheduled.

Common errors

Recruiters struggled with scheduling candidates and interviewers across multiple timezones, leading to lost time, confusion, and repetitive corrections.

Missed interviews

With every invite managed manually, a lack of messaging standards meant interviewers would miss interviews or wait in interviews they didn’t know were cancelled.


There was simply no time left for high-value work like bettering the candidate experience, decrease hiring time, or work on onboarding.

How we helped

Complete workflow coordination

Not just scheduling interviews, but automating the entire scheduling workflow and eliminating human errors from the process.

Automated, customized invites

Automatically generated Google Calendar invites with customizable email templates.

Custom time blocks

Interviewers can block out unavailable times, saving time for recruiters with full visibility into the most optimal time spots.

Centralized communication channels

Recruiters and interviewers can let each other know if someone was running late, share notes on the next steps, and debrief interview information — all in one place.

Where they are now

Since adopting ModernLoop, Ramp has been extremely happy with the progress achieved with the platform.

The fintech unicorn saw the company's full-time headcount quadruple and their talent team grow from 5 to 19 team members. With ModernLoop enabling them, the talent team now schedules over 400 interviews per week.

The end-to-end automation of their entire interview scheduling process has made scheduling interviews a breeze.

700% growth in full-time employees

450% more interviews scheduled each week

600% reduction in time to schedule an interview

Doubled the number of trained, new employee interviewers

“Our team loves ModernLoop - the product and the team. We have had such a great experience with the product and the results show.
We chose ModernLoop because it focused on all Recruiting Operations, not just scheduling.
We are always impressed with new features that are released and we don't expect ModernLoop to slow down, they have a ton more on the roadmap.”

— Madison Eastman, Recruiting Operations Associate